The Search For Success: The Funambulist’s Secret.

The Search.

The secret of every successful tightrope walker (funambulist) is: They always look forward toward the goal. Therefore, success is a reward for going through a defined process to the end. There is no short cut to it.

Success is only available to action takers. You must continue to search for it, until it is found. The tightrope walker is never at rest because the mission is too risky. Any momentarily loss of concentration could prove to be very fatal. However, a professional tightrope walker does not focus on balancing rather the focus is on maintaining a perpetual state of off balance. This state of off balance is necessary in order to make adjustments, which add up to produce balance.

So, think and act like the professional tightrope walker, in your search for success, who never looks down at the feet or the balance pole but always keeps head up and looks forward toward the goal.


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