What is the joy of being conscious?- Eckhart Tolle

The Joy of Being is
the Joy of Being
Conscious By Eckhart

Here is a spiritual
practice that will bring empowerment and creative expansion into your life. Make a list of a number of everyday
routine activities that
you perform requently. Include activities that you may consider uninteresting, boring,
tedious, irritating, or
stressful. But don’t
include anything that
you hate or detest
doing. That’s a case
either for acceptance or for stopping what you do. The list may include traveling to and from work, buying groceries, doing your laundry, or
anything that you find
tedious or stressful in
your daily work. Then,
whenever you are
engaged in those
activities, let them be a vehicle for alertness. Be absolutely present in what you do and sense the alert, alive stillness within you in the background of the
activity. You will soon
find that what you do in such a state of
heightened awareness, instead of being stressful, tedious, or irritating, is actually becoming enjoyable.

To be more precise, what you are enjoying is not really the outward action but the inner dimension of consciousness that flows into the action. This is finding the joy of Being in what you are doing. If you feel your life lacks significance or is too
stressful or tedious, it is because you haven’t
brought that dimension into your life yet. Being conscious in what you
do has not yet become
your main aim.



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