Don’t Marry.

Don't Marry
Marriage Is Evil.

How do you see marriage? As a thing for angels or devils?

For most young people who are still struggling to accept life’s realities, pleasant certainties and unpleasant certainties, marriage is deemed as a bed of roses with angels as gardeners. However, this is a dream about marriage shared by teens, who grew up or who are growing up in stable homes.

For those who are unfortunate to grow up in broken homes and who might have had their first bitter taste of relationships, they may think that the devil is in charge of marriage. Therefore marriage is evil.

If marriage wasn’t evil, then why are many avoiding it because they think marriage is a dream killer?

Why are many married people  so unhappy? Why is their unhappiness tied to expectations not met, hopes dashed, faithfulness betrayed, loyalty destroyed and friendship poisoned?

What is it about marriage that is making a lot of married people to jump out of it through the divorce window?

Maybe there is a devil working overtime against marriage. Are your conclusions about marriage based on facts,  figures and reality? What do you think? Is marriage evil?

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Don't Marry
Marriage Is Evil.

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