Read. Retain. Remember

Most of the times when you read, it is to acquire knowledge. You read to know what you didn’t know before, retain it easily in your memory and easily recall it when you really need it.

Sometimes your memory may let you down when you need it most. A combination of factors are responsible for your inability to remember ideas you thought you had them securely stored in your memory.

1. Maybe you are yet to realize the approach that works for you. Find out; do you easily retain and recall pictoral representations or infographics? If this is true, then summarize every idea you wish to remember as infographics. Could you build your own models out of those lengthy wordy articles? Then do so. This approach should improve your ability to read, retain and recall what has been read. It should also make reading fun,

2. Which period of the day suits you and makes reading exciting. Are you freshest or at your concentration best in the morning, few hours after waking up or few hours before retiring to bed? Find out and maximize every second of the period when you are at your optimum,

3. Get distractions out of the way. Many people read and retain better in a quiet environment. Although few people have the rare capacity to concentrate on their reading in a noisy environment. Start first by doing your reading activities in a quiet environment until it becomes a habit,

4. You don’t feel like reading? Then don’t force it,

5. Share newly acquired ideas. Put them into practice. Each time you share an idea, you boost your ability to understand it better, retain it better and recall it faster.

Read “How to Retain More of Every Book You Read” by James Clear at

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