5 Reasons Marrying Your Opposite Is Not A Mistake.

There are some gains in marrying someone who is your opposite in some ways. So stop searching for someone who is completely like you. It is causing a lot of delay for many people and many have forgotten about marriage completely.

Marrying someone with different likes, passions and dreams, makes marriage more exciting and in the short run, brings stability to the union. Do you know why?

1. From the beginning, there is a mutual acceptance between you and your partner to settle down to the hard work of making the marriage work. You accept those dissimilarities in your partner and by extension, are willing to forgive easily their mistakes,

2. You see compromise as a necessary tool to achieving a successful marriage. Already, you have accepted the weaknesses of your partner as part of what make them human. So, you see conceding grounds here and there as a must and not as something condescending,

3. You are ready to learn from your spouse. And your spouse should naturally relish the opportunity because it’s going to make the marriage stronger. In learning and accepting what you didn’t know before, you could discover something interesting. You may walk into opportunities for career growth.

4. It is easy to get the support of your partner. Both of you know that your strength lies in team work. Therefore, when it’s about the pursuit of your partner’s dream, you readily show understanding and give encouragement because you want your partner to succeed. Your partner’s success is everybody’s happiness,

5. In a marriage of this kind, everybody is a winner. Individual’s dreams are easily achieved with the support of everyone.

Love is stronger because cases of misunderstanding are fewer. The marriage is more adventurous and a stable home is built quickly.

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