Chaining Average And Releasing Greatness.

To release greatness, you must chain fear. When you chain fear you release boldness.

Fear chains you to one place that makes moving forward impossible and going back to the starting point, very simple.

Fear discourages creativity. It encourages you to cling to unproductive methods and models and hope for a miracle.

When you are afraid, you don’t ask the why, the how and the why not questions. Rather, you accept several failed attempts to achieve a certain goal, as the end of the road. And the beginning of other attempts at achieving another goal, that are doomed to fail.

The cycle of failure is kept alive by the fear to learn more than what you already know. You see the learning of new methods and techniques as a hard task and a waste of time. So you continue to waste the time and the chance to move forward, doing the simple things that keep chaining you to one point.

The fear to move beyond the known to the unknown, is a leash on greatness.

Greatness is released when you decide to explore the unknown. As you learn new ways, you gradually move in the direction of self-discovery. Eventually, sustained efforts at self-discovery produce self-mastery.

Self-mastery generates self-belief and a great ability to focus on any task before you. It also makes you to see perfect preparation as a basic habit. It is perfect preparation that gives birth to that courage to take on new tasks and succeed. Every success is a motivation to set bigger goals and achieve them. Fear will never do this for you.

So chain that fear and release your greatness.

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