Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve.

It’s one of the worst tragedies of life, for you to settle for less than you deserve.

According to Bo Bennett,

“Every day, people
settle for less than
they deserve. They
are only partially
living or at best
living a partial life.
Every human being
has the potential for

unfortunately, the above statement by Bo Bennett is the definition of the life many are living today. Should people settle for less when naturally, they have it in them to achieve greatness? No! Then why are they settling for less?

Maybe, many people don’t have the impulse to be great. Even when the impulse flashes through their hearts, they don’t believe that greatness could happen to them. So, they settle for the crumbs.

They beg someone with comparatively fewer potentials for little, when they could get more themselves. This shouldn’t be your story.

You have the ability to change the narrative. Try succeeding at little things and, an aggregation of those little successes will give you greatness.

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