5 Ways A Serial Loser Can Become A Serial Winner.

You can’t just change from being a serial loser to a serial winner, without changing a series of things in your attitude;

1. Change your mental attitude from ‘It can’t be done’ to ‘It can be done’. Start seeing possibilities in areas you used to see impossibilities. Practise positive affirmations.

2. Replace procrastination with action. Set a goal and make it a priority to go for it. Have a daily plan of activities designed to lead you to your goal.

3. Develop a curious mind set. Ask the right questions about life and seek the right answers. Those answers should show you where you can use your talent to solve problems for yourself and others,

4. You don’t lose completely when you don’t quit. When you persist, self-belief and hard work would see you through challenges. Remember winners don’t quit,

5. Stop blaming people and systems when you fail. Take full responsibility for your failure, find out why you failed and do what is necessary to guarantee success at your next attempt.

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