Who Must Pay Those Bills?- Relationship.

We live to work. We work to make money. We make money to pay bills. This is life.

In a relationship, it’s expected that the responsibility to pay bills is split between the man and the woman. Like everything else in life, there could an aberration. It’s okay when it’s the man paying bills for and on behalf of everybody but it’s frustration for several women paying bills for their families including their men. While some do it and still maintain their dignity, some have compromised their faithfulness to their men for extra money to pay bills heavier than their routine income.

Now if you are in this kind of relationship and you are a man, stop complaining. Don’t turn your woman into a punching bag. She needs your help.

Instead of complaining at every opportunity to your friends about how ‘wicked’ your woman has suddenly become, how you used to buy everything for her and her kids before you lost that job and how she now nags, go to work on yourself.

Yes, you are going through difficult times. And yes, you deserve some respite and understing but what you don’t deserve is an excuse not to be a man. You are the man here, so put on your ‘creative’ hat and create something out of nothing. It’s necessary that you start making money again. So stop sulking and start working, you have bills to pay.

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