That Achievement Was Once An Invisible Dream.

That achievement was once an invisible dream which has been made visible through the confidence to start, the willingness to fail, the strength to start all over again, the persistence to hold on and the patience to wait to the end for the last possible outcome.

Every dream begins as a disruption to the ‘normal’. A ‘normal’ disrupted, wouldn’t be wanted in the foreseeable future. So because the process of involuntary rejection has begun in your mind, you must consciously start to reject the status quo and make painful efforts to cut back on your convenience. The sacrifice would only be for a while but the reward; a dream fulfilled could last a lifetime.

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  1. Ayi Etim says:

    If that dream wouldn’t let you sleep then IT IS A REAL BIG DREAM. When you have real big dream, sleep takes flight, rest takes the back seat and you do nothing else except to try, try and try again. You try every key you have and search for more until you find one that turns that REAL BIG DREAM into REALITY. Go for your dream now!


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