A Great Mind, A Big Dream And A Small Beginning- Personal Development.

Great minds don’t settle for small dreams but they don’t despise small beginnings.

Great minds understand the fact that there is a clearly defined path to success. This path must be learnt, understood and mastered by whoever desires success.

So, when you have a big dream, don’t start big. Starting big may mean committing everything you have saved up and borrowed, into a venture you have not learnt and mastered. And if you should fail, you would lose everything including the desire and the heart to start all over again from the scratch.

The truth is; it is save to go for a big dream by starting small. As you master the rope and begin to enjoy positive returns, your confidence grows and puts you in a position where you can commit more resources into the venture. If you should fail at this point, you would have a reserve of confidence and resources to fall back on and start again.

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