A Good Friendship Is A Strong Fortress.


A good friendship is a strong fortress which you must strengthen regularly. Sometimes, a great friendship may be weakened due to no fault of yours.

Have you ever been in a situation where the attitude of a friend toward you, suddenly changed?. A friend who never failed to call at least once everyday, suddenly stopped calling and wouldn’t or scarcely answer your calls. When you met and tried finding out what was going on, the reply was, “I am okay. I don’t have a problem. You have not offended me in any way”. After this brief explanation, there was no improvement. What did you do? Did you move on with your life without your friend? If you did move on, it was okay. But hold on! Maybe, that negative change in attitude, just like your friend said, wasn’t about you.

Could it have been that your friend was going through a challenging time and didn’t know how to share it? Some people believe that they should not ‘overburden’ a good friend with every problem they have. So, what should you do when a friend’s attitude seems to suggest that you are no longer wanted?

If you are not told in words, then don’t conclude. It may not be about you. On the contrary, it may just be the time, your friend needs you more. It’s the right time to talk to your friend more lovingly and more kindly. It’s time to reassure and re-emphasize your readiness to offer an assitance where you could. Be available but don’t be obtrusive. At the end, you may help a friend you could have abandoned, get out of a tough situation.

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  1. Truth has been spoken..#Agreed


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