Fear And The Treasure On The Island.


Every second you are alive is to be treasured and should be regarded as an opportunity to try something brand new. Variety is the spice of life.

Why are so afraid to venture outside your comfort zone? Do you know the treasure that is on the island on the opposite side of the deep blue sea?

In your heart, you think and believe that, there is a treasure on that island. So what is keeping you back from making the move? Are you afraid of the deep blue and the sea monsters? Are you afraid of those wild beasts that have made that island their home? Or you are afraid that it may turn out to be a failed mission, that there may be no treasure on that island. If the expedition should be a failure, how would you live with the shame back home. All these fears don’t matter. What matters is for you to go to that island first, then tell your story later.

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