Your Optimism May Make You Lose Friends.

Optimism is good. It inspires you to set high standards for yourself and it makes you see no other way of maintaining those standards except through hard work.

It gives you hope and a winning mentally in the face of daunting challenges. Your optimism may be infectious as it could inspire others around you to believe in themselves too but not when you tell them that you are better than them or that you are the best qualified to have all the good things available. This is comparative optimism and it could alienate you.

Susan Krauss
Whitbourne summarizes findings of studies on why you should avoid comparative optimism, at

“…we know
that bragging is the kind of behavior that most of us would rather avoid being exposed to. These
studies on comparative optimism show, further, that it’s the hubris expressed at the expense of others that make that bragging so objectionable. Optimism is certainly one well- known path to fulfillment. As long as you can express it
without casting
aspersions on the
possible fates of others, you’ll be able to make full use of its

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