How To Cope With An Overcautious Partner?- Relationship.

How do you cope with an overcautious partner when you are someone who enjoys the excitement of getting much done within a short time?

This is the dilemma of many relationships are going through. One is always playing catch up. And it is not a healthy imbalance because the ‘slow’ partner may give up and may withdraw support at some point, which may inevitably lead to the collapse of the relationship. However, this imbalance is not beyond remedy.

As an active partner, you must always endeavour to think and act at a pace which your partner can cope with. Don’t interpret this to mean that you should become overcautious too, after all, we are living in a world, where speed and accuracy rule. Just understand that your partner is the over-cautious type who loves to take time and go over every detail again and again. Don’t allow the delay to upset you or make you want to go it alone, sit down and talk things over.

Try to make your partner understand that taking extreme care doesn’t eliminate the possibility of mistakes or failure occurring. Also don’t forget to add that achieving a common goal is not a do or die affair, therefore no desparate approach should be adopted. Assure your partner that win or lose, both of you will still be there for one another.

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