Pick The Time. Be In Control.

A day must surely come when you must bow it. You have the choice to pick that day or you wait for your turn to come when you must go without a choice.

Waiting for your turn to quit involuntarily may mean quitting when you are redundant. It may mean quitting when you have nothing to retire to, except an inactive life.

On the other hand, picking the time and the date to quit puts you in total control of your life. When you quit while you are still active, you take control of the decision to set many goals. And it leaves you with plenty of energy to pursue those goals. Quitting when the ovation is loudest gives you a lot of goodwill to stand on and launch your next career.

Living a life you don’t make your choices doesn’t give you control. So, take those life’s important decisions at the right time and be in control of your life.

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