Is It Still Necessary To Say, ‘Sorry’?

Is it still necessary in our social circles to say, ‘Sorry’. To each other?

If it’s no longer necessary, do we still do things to annoy and offend each other?

If misunderstandings are still occurring between couple, family members, friends and colleagues, then why are we increasingly finding it difficult to apologize to those we offend? Is our pride robbing us of the simplest of solutions to conflicts? Pride!

Some claim that saying, ‘I am sorry’, is condescending. Others believe that they are very careful in their dealings with others to the extent that it’s almost difficult for them to offend anybody intentionally. So when they do, it would be too insignificant to warrant an apology from them.

But as long as you and I are humans who share the same social space, we will continue to offend each other and therefore, we must continue to say ‘I am sorry’, in order to build and cease to destroy our homes and our communities.

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