Why Do You Love Bad News?

Bad news spreads like a wild fire, so fast and very far. Good news is no news.

We love bad news. Our love for bad news gives it the speed of light to reach everywhere without paying a ‘fare’. We pay ‘fares’ on its behalf. Do you pay ‘bad news travelling expenses’ too? Why do you do it? When you hear or spread a piece of bad news, does it make you happy? Think about this for some few seconds.

Now you may agree that news about killings, hunger, epidemic and everything bad happening or had happened somewhere shouldn’t make anyone happy, except that person is sick in the mind.

So, for you and I, who strongly desire the good life of happiness, good health and prosperity, let us spread and share positive messages more. Tune out of a world of bad news and yearn to read and listen more to inspirational messages.

As you aspire for great things, fill your mind with words that inspire and give you wings to fly and dominate your world. Stop spending precious hours everyday to search the real world and the virtual world, for bad news. Rather search for inspiration, happiness and success. Go for good news.

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