Is Online Dating For Everybody?- Relationship.

No. Online dating is not for everybody.

An online dating platform could however be an alternative place to seek out a partner for someone too busy or too shy to go the old conventional way.

If you have found a partner you want to marry, through an online dating App, take it a step further. Move the courtship into the real world, where emotions and habits can’t be hidden for too long

if you want to go into marriage today and divorce tomorrow, then stick to online courtship. But every adult knows that marriage is between two real humans and for real complex human beings with real feelings. Long lasting relationships are difficult to find and keep. Those who succeed at building an evergreen romantic relationship are those who have accepted to live with the discomfort of their partners’ weaknesses. Such weaknesses are hardly revealed on online dating platforms and not quickly visible even in real life dating.

Finally, if you are really serious about settling down with someone, with a true, a trusted and a dependable life partner, then online dating is not for you. Like I said above, it’s not wrong to begin there, then take it to the real world, where you can read and understand the body language of your partner perfectly. Take your decision based on the body language. The body language can’t lie for long or every time in the real world but it can be seen online.

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