Do It Right? Or Do The Right Thing?

Have you ever done what you believed was the right thing for someone and got misunderstood and zero appreciation for all your efforts?

It happens all the time that someone would deliver what they consider a ‘selfless service’ only to be resented by the potential beneficiary. Such a negative feedback may be very discouraging for a leader who genuinely wants to serve.

When you find yourself in this kind of situation, don’t get angry, disappointed or discouraged. Instead try to find out why.

In most cases, the negative feedback is a function of doing the right thing at the wrong time. To do it right and win the understanding, approval and acceptance of the potential beneficiary, get right the following;

1. Communication is important, so get it right. At the pre-implementation stage, let the expected beneficiary know why it’s necessary to do what you are proposing,

2. Cooperation is essential, so get this right too. Win cooperation by emphasizing the gains of the proposed action,

3. Confidence is at the heart of doing the right thing at the right time. Make sure you have your target audience’s confidence before going ahead,

4. Contribution. Doing the right thing involves winning approval and gaining acceptance. It is easy to get these when the target audience contributes ideas or makes suggestions that form part of the proposal which is implemented,

5. Concentration. Finally it is important that you keep your concentration and stay within agreed terms. Anything done outside agreements may be viewed as a sabotage and your good thing would be rejected.

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