How To Cope With The Challenges Of Single Parenthood- Family.

Coping with the challenges of singlehood is tough. It is tougher on the children who struggle to find answers to questions beyond them, questions which only adults have answers to.

Losing your spouse to divorce or death could be very painful and may leave a scar on a heart that may struggle to pump love and life into the present and future of your children. No matter the depth of the trauma, you must realize that those children in your custody, don’t have any other parent than you. So it’s your moral responsibility to love them from the bottom of that scarred heart and guide them on the right path as they grow from infancy to adulthood.

How then can a single parent make a great job of child raising?

As children grow into adulthood, they pass through physiological and psychological changes that challenge their young minds. It is difficult for both parents to help and much more difficult for a single parent. As a single parent, gender wise, you would sometime find yourself ill prepared or unprepared to answer some awkward questions from your child of an opposite gender. So would it be wise for you to walk away and compound the situation?

No. Turn to a counsellor who has the experience and is trained to answer your child’s questions on your behalf.

Don’t hesitate to talk with a family member, a friend or a colleague of an opposite sex. But before you do, be sure you are discussing a private issue with someone you can confide in.

If your ex-spouse is still alive and would consent to having the children come over and spend quality time, take advantage of it. Don’t let your past get in the way of giving your children access to an all rounded quality parenthood that prepares them for a great future.

Don’t rule out the option of marrying again. But before you remarry, be certain the person is a friend and is willing to be a real parent to your children.

Above all, make out time to spend quality hours with your children. A busy schedule should never be an excuse. Remember, as a single parent, your children see you as a super parent that can cope with and can surmount any challenge

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