When You Want Your Way, Don’t Expect To Be Loved.

When you are really serious about doing things your own way, and you are really working hard to carve out a path for yourself, don’t expect love from many.

Many will not like your gut, they will say you are too aggressive and too arrogant even when you are not. Many will try to provoke you to anger because they want to have an excuse to justify their hatred.

Hey! No matter what many try to do to get you off your path to success, stay there and continue to work hard. Continue to be selfless, continue to be humble and continue to be respectful. Don’t ignore completely what your detractors are saying. Few observations may be correct, so listen and adjust where necessary but never give up on the chase.

Now, wear this as a belt around your waist; ‘There is no crowd on the way to success to slow down progress, so carve out your own path, where you can live by your terms’.

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