Every Good Entrepreneur Is A Host Of Memorable Events.

Host events and create memories. Attend events and have memories.

When you attend an event, you may either get noticed or not get noticed by the host. Whether you are noticed or not, you will take away either a great or an unpleasant memory. Whichever memory, you take away doesn’t strengthen or weaken the host’s memory of you. Your presence may be in doubt and may never be remembered by the host several months after. But it is unlikely that you would forget about that event and the host.

Why would it be difficult for you to forget about the event and it’s host?

The host is the center of attraction, the only one that matters at an event. Everyone else is there at the pleasure of the host. The host is the identity, the brand and the memory

So when you create and host a great event, attendees hardly erase the memory and they find it exciting to share the memory among family, colleagues and friends who couldn’t attend your event. By sharing the memory, they place your name on the lips of many and thereby, continue to expand your network among people who may be relevant to your progress in life.

Now, liken the hosting of a memorable event to creating and introducing a great product to the market. The satisfied early birds will definitely promote your product to the laggards and deepen the market penetration of your product.

Therefore, every good entrepreneur knows that a good product is a memorable event that requires a low budget for promotion. So, they make the best of every opportunity to create great products that leave pleasant memories in the minds of people.

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