Why Do We Exist? What Is The Purpose Of Your Existence?

Why do we exist? What’s your purpose on earth? Do you know why you are here because most don’t?

Most believe that they exist to go through systems and institutions and, abide by rules and regulations that make them fit in to coexist along others in a society. They conclude that existence is all about them, their dreams, their kids and their departure. Do you share these beliefs?

Have you reduced the purpose of your existence to the miserable order of ‘today you are and tomorrow you are gone’? Or you are yet to ask and seek an answer to this critical question?

Without finding out your purpose of existence you would be living in the shadow. You may never go for the subtance that makes existence worth the while. Without having a strong conviction in the subtance of your pursuit, life’s challenges would defeat you easily. The reality of quality existence lies in crossing bridges of challenges to reach your destination.

Finding out the purpose of your existence is fundamental to finding happiness in life. Why? Because we all exist to use our talents to help others find comfort and be rewarded with an item of happiness. Therefore without fulfilling the purpose of giving what you have, you will not get the reward of happiness from the world. And without happiness, existence is hollow.

Now, what is the purpose of your existence?

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