Hating For No Reason? Why?

Hating for no reason.

Have you ever found yourself having a strong dislike for someone who never offended you? The person may just live down the street and may not even know you by name.

You may not have any reasons for disliking the person. May be you don’t like the way the person walks and talks. The person looks confident and is rich and you want those, so you dislike the person for having what you want. You just can’t stand the sight of that person. There is a strong dislike in your heart for the person. This hatred may stem from envy.

It is envy. Like I mentioned earlier, the person has what you want but don’t have. But could hatred and envy help? No! Don’t you think becoming the person’s friend is more productive and less destructive than hatred and envy?

As a friend, you have an opportunity to under-study and learn vital lessons that could make you even better. So, rather than continuing to hate for no reason, get closer to learn how to become a better person.

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