My Child, Your Future  Is Doomed.

My Child your future is doomed if  you have chosen to submit to every wrong  attitude your friend or peer believes is right.

Once you accept everything  your peer  interprets as trendy, without  running them  through the values you were taught at home. to separate the wheat from the chaff, then your future is doomed. Avoid falling victim to the weakness that your peer sees as youthful strength and pride .

If you see and believe that weakness  your peer believe as youthful strength and pride, then your future is doomed because you can’t build  a foundation on a defective structure. Your peer doesn’t have the experience, the wisdom and the knowledge to tell the difference between what works and what doesn’t. Your peer hasn’t been there before but I, other parents and your teachers have seen it all and are better placed to guide you away from the wrong path.

 What others have is not yours. And there is no way they would allow you to turn their home to your foot-stool, so go ahead and get yours by building it from the scratch. The time to begin is now. You can’t begin to build an empire by looking up to those who don’t know how to dig a foundation. You look up to role models who have built empires and cities, for help and direction. Your peer is still struggling to find their rhythm in life. So in most cases, they wouldn’t know how to guide you aright.

Now know this that once you accept a trend that creates  wave today and is gone tomorrow, your future is doomed. You know why? A foundation must endure stress and strain and must out live every adverse weather condition for it to guarantee a secured future. My child, I am not saying that among your peers, there is no single child that is from a good home. There is and you can identify him through his attitude toward education. He takes the search for the discovery of his passion seriously.

A child froma good home knows that one  can secure the future today, by finding  out today where their talents lie. A talent or passion discovered creates a sure path to a secured future.

Develop your passion through handwork, self-discipline and dedication. Your passion when fully developed  would open the door to  a good life for you.

Your passion when perfected  would give you an identity. You would become a brand that is different from the rest and that sits you at the top as the best.

So how do you discover your passion?

A sound education is the answer. Use your  youth to get a sound education. Let the education of your mind be the first thing and the  last thing  you do everyday. The hours between the first minute after you wake up and the last minute before you go to bed, should be spent in an environment  where positive inspiration, enlightenment and sound education are promoted.

Without a sound education, you can’t be a great leader . Without a sound education, you can’t live the dream of your childhood. Without a sound education, you can’t live a meaningful life and without a sound education your future is doomed.

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