Relationship: Why Are You Tolerating An Abusive Relationship?

In your heart, you have had more than enough of the abuse.
In your heart you have walked away several times.
In reality, you are still giving him one more time.

You are wishing and secretly praying that he should change, though you know that this may never happen. So, you are still sticking around waiting for a miracle to happen and save or rescue you from the ‘hell’ of a life you are living.

Why are you waiting for a miracle to happen when you can just get up and leave. Do you call that ‘love’ or it’s ‘plain stupidity’?

Okay and yes, you love him but clearly, he doesn’t love you back. You can’t create love in a heart that is not with you and is not for you. Love happens naturally and it must be in two hearts going in the same direction for it to happen. It’s either it’s there or it’s not there.

Don’t try to convince yourself that you are not good enough for another person. Nobody is ever good enough until they find someone who treats them very very special.

And there is always someone, somewhere searching for someone like you, to love, to cherish and to keep. But you may never meet that ‘nice’ person, until you have the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship that has given you the worst kind of  harassment, intimidation, disrespect, painful heartbreak and ‘fake’ make=up.

The courage to walk away comes from the awareness that you are special and that you deserve nothing less than to be treated nicely and beautifully.
You are a great gift to the world, so never hesitate to ask for a better deal.

Walk away from an abusive relationship while you can. Don’t wait until you have passed your prime, at which time, you would settle for whoever and whoever is available, even when ‘the whoever’ is clearly not who you desire and is never available in body, soul and spirit, for you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mahekmithare says:

    this is so beautiful:)


    1. Ayi Etim says:

      Thank you very much Mahekmithare.


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