Business Startup – It’s Not Always About The End In Mind But It’s Always About The Passion.

It’s not always about the end in mind but it’s always about the passion.

You don’t have to know from the beginning, that it’s going to be a profitable venture before you start a business. The prospects rarely give comfort at the beginning. Even when they do, the comfort may turn out to be a mirage. So the safest thing for every start up to do at the beginning is to take the risk and invest in a passion.

Where hope fails, passion; a way of life, takes over, revives hope and keeps it alive until you are able to find your entrepreneurial footing.

Read about the beginning of eBay below and be inspired to begin;

“The Pierre Omidyar
way. In 1995, a
computer programmer
started auctioning off
stuff on his personal
website. AuctionWeb, as it was then known, was really just a personal project, but, when the amount of web traffic made it necessary to upgrade to a business Internet account, Omidyar had to start charging people fees. He actually hired his employee to handle alltthe payment checks. The site is now known as eBay.


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