Why Do Most Adults Fail To Live Their Childhood Dreams?

Adults stop believing in dreams they had when they were youths as they start facing life’s responsibilities alone. But shouldn’t responsibities lead to challenges? Shouldn’t challenges open doors to possibilities. And shouldn’t possibilities create the path to achievements?

If your answers are in the affirmative then stick to that dream you had when you were still living and depending on your parents for basic needs. As an adult now, you are better equipped professionally, to take risks. You are now better prepared emotionally, to try, fail and try again.

You must realize that you were born to fulfil a purpose:

You were born to activate and to live at least one of your childhood fantasies. The only thing stopping you and which may continue to stop you is, your inclination to look to others for direction. Everybody is busy living or trying to make their childhood dream a reality. You are here to fulfil a purpose, so go ahead and get the job done.

What should you do then?

Go ahead and live your dream. It’s the real purpose you are here.

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