Success: A Combination Of Self-belief, Self-determination And Self-actualization.

The goals you have achieved so far in life could be traced to a combination of self-belief, your right to self-determination and conscious efforts at self-actualization.

Self-belief is the tool you need to get yourself pass challenges. With self-belief, you understand that your hidden strength is greater than any visible weakness. With self-belief, you would never give up on your goal until you have found a way to achieve it.

Self-belief makes you conscious of your right and freedom to choose your path and live life on your terms. Self-belief leads to your right to self-determination. When you realize that you have a right to self-determination, then you understand that you have the freedom to pursue a dream which you strongly believe in. Your awareness of your right to self-determination makes remain resolute even in the face of threats, frustrating failures and rejections by family and friends. Your right to self-determination gives you the courage to find your way when you are lost without depending on anybody for help.

Therefore because you believe and you are determined to prove the point that you have been right all along, you would want to work on your abilities and capabilities in order to improve on them. Then the process of self-development which should naturally lead to self-actualization begins. Self-development places a burden of continuous learning on you. With self-development right in front of you as a goal, you begin to ask deep questions, then seek answers. You begin to dig deep into the reservoir of your hidden talent. And you begin to find excitement in life.

So you would discover that in reality, there is no secret to success when you begin to believe in yourself, are be determined to be yourself and are ready to keep on learning

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