Learn To Trust.

Every human is a social being living in a world that is not an island. Many people haven’t reached their goals because they have carved out an island for themselves, shutting out everybody and building no bridge to the outside world. Do you belong here?

Are you finding it difficult to trust others because you have been hurt several times in the past by those you trusted? Not that you can’t trust but you just don’t want to. But why do you want others to trust you? It’s a world of give and take.

Why don’t you forget about your ugly past and begin, with trust in your heart, to reach out to those who could help you achieve your beautiful dreams? Why don’t you begin to live a life of positive expectations? Always expecting the best while placing those expectations within the safety of the belief that it’s a world of surprises.

You must understand that not everybody comes to you to ‘use and dump’ you. Some really want to be your friends.

So, don’t bring the darkness from an ugly past, to darken or eclipse every possibility of building a great future on trust. Live without fear.

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