Why You Must Guard What You Have Jealously.

Not many people like the good things others have. So when you have something precious, guard it jealously because many are trying unsuccessfully, to get the same thing for themselves. And your close friend may be among those looking for what you have.

Guard what you have jealously, stop fault-finding and stop complaining to everybody about it. Those you are complaining to, would love to have it and keep it for themselves in that state. They may be thinking that it’s perfect the way it is.

Guard your love jealously. Don’t hesitate and never get tired of listening to those ‘boring’ complaints by your spouse. If you wouldn’t listen and comfort, who would? It is your job.

Everything you have is your asset. You can only use your assets to get what you don’t have. You worth nothing if you don’t have assets, so guard what you have jealously.

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