Marriage Is Like Rocket Science, Only ‘Weightless’ People Survive.

Relationship is tough. Marriage is like a rocket science. This is why some are afraid to get into it, many are quitting everyday and fewer numbers are braving the odds to the end.

Those still living in the kitchen of relationship or marriage despite the heat, are the ‘weightless’ people. A husband who throws his weight around and never ceases to let the wife know who is the boss is building his home on a land mine. It could go off any time and destroy everything.

Marriage or relationship is for two people who are willing to always see themselves as equal partners. For them to survive the complexity of marriage, they must be willing to share equally, in the blame or failure and in the commendation or success. The strong must carry the weak and never complains. The weak must make the job of the strong easy by not indulging in self-pity. And must keep on working toward being strong too. In a nutshell, the weight of making a success of a relationship shouldn’t be on one person. It must be evenly shared.

Though, marriage is like a rocket science, two people willing to always bounce and float together, will never quit and will succeed at building a home, many believe is only possible on the moon.

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