Marriage And Relationship – How Do You Cope With A Serial Cheat?

You have cut him more than once, pants down. At first, he denied and went on the offensive. But when you refused to be cowed, he later admitted, confessed to it and apologized profusely. Your heart melted (afterall you love him so much and he knows it) and you took him back only for him to cheat on you again and again. He is a serial cheat, what should you do?

Men cheat on women and women cheat on men. Why do we cheat on each other? Why is your friend cheating on you serially? Is it your fault? It may not be your fault. May be you have been so faithful to the union and have done the much you could to make your spouse stay faithful to you, yet he still cheats on you. It’s in human nature to seek adventure. So some wouldn’t think twice about the bad thing that could happen to anybody’s feelings before they cheat. All the desire, is to satisfy their hunger for adventure first and then take care of any ugly consequence later. Some people are never contented with the best they have. They sometime do their best to get something of a lower value to what they already have, just to pump adrenalin and ‘get high’.

So, if you are stuck with a serial cheat, check to find out if the communication channels are still active. Use them frequently and scale back on your busy schedule in order to create more time to be with your spouse.

Stop being suspicious of every move your spouse makes. Stop going through his phones and eavesdropping on his calls. Cut him some slack and build trust and hopefully, he would one day come back home to the true love, only you have for him.

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