Family;- Does Your Kid Believe You Are ‘Old School’?

Are you quietly and secretly sulking because your son believes you are ‘old school’? Didn’t you at some point when you were a teen, believe your parents belonged to the old school?

Kids will always be kids. Change will always be part of life. The more things seem to change the more they stay the same.

Adolescence comes with being at the receiving end of a lot changes and a lot of pressure to adjust to those changes. It comes with the demand that a teen must gradually accept the fact that years of dependency are quickly coming to an end. So in an effort to think, speak and be responsible for themselves, your teenage kids would align their thoughts with new trends and realities. And you will certainly find some aspects of those new trends and realities unacceptable because of their non-conformity to good old values you were brought up to accept. But this is their time, trying to understand them is like trying to reach back to a generation you never lived in, so you wouldn’t know much about what they are going through until you are ready to sit down with them to;

1. See the world with their eyes,

2. Think and reason with their heads and,

3. Speak their language.

It is only when you have levelled with them that you can use your experience and wisdom to help them chart the course to a great future.

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