How Any Great Leader Can Make An Unpopular Policy Popular.

Every leader wants to succeed.

Every leader needs the support of the followers to succeed.

Then how do great leaders get the support of their followers?

For you to succeed as a leader you must successfully come up with and implement policies which the majority of your followers love and support. But  is it possible for a leader to know which policy would be popular and which wouldn’t be before  implementing  it?

Make every conceived policy a proposal before it is  implemented. It should not be imposed. Gauge the mood of the people right, understand and address their fears and concerns perfectly, then time the implementation right.

As a leader who must work in order to succeed, you would always have the constraint of time to deal with. Every program must have a definite timeline as you not a life time leader. This constraint does not excuse you from working out a time table that spells out a rigorous process of conceptualization and  testing before implementation. No matter how effective the process may be, you would only be able to test the real popularity of a policy after it has been implemented.

As long you are convinced that a policy would be for the good of your followers, don’t shy away from being firm whether it’s  popular or not after it has been implemented. Do you know why? Some may oppose the policy because they are used to the status quo. For this group of people, continue and raise  the level of sensitization. Use every available medium to let them know that it is about them and it is for their own good. When positive results start coming in, let them know about those results. You need those who support you and those who oppose you to succeed. Don’t ignore any group.

At the end of your time as a leader, you would be  appreciated for implementing popular and unpopular policies that helped your  followers to live a better life .

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