5 Reasons Why Critical Thinking Is Not Wrong.

What is wrong with taking the time to critically, think things through? Is critical thinking a waste of time that never leads to better actions? If it is useless, should it be discarded and every action taken based on intuition?

I don’t think so. Critical thinking is not a waste of time. No matter how unpopular it may seem in a world moving at a dizzying speed, it is still important to critically consider a course of action before making a commitment that may be irreversible. Why?

Critically thinking helps you to;

1. Take a holistic look at a situation,

2. Assess every fault and its negative effect,

3. Know what it would take to solve any identified problem,

4. Know where to go to for help, and,

5. Understand the consequences of any intended commitment.

Critical thinking eliminates confusion and helps you to focus on areas that are relevant. When you think critically about a situation, then take care of redundancy, you would be left with the required level of courage to solve a problem or make a commitment. Therefore, critical thinking is not wrong.

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