Confirmation Bias May Be Hindering Your Growth.

Confirmation bias gets in the way of learning and accepting something new, which could be better than an existing knowlege.

Therefore, obviously confirmation bias hinders growth and development in a world that is very dynamic and very progressive. As a victim of confirmation bias, you would often want every idea or event to conform to your preconception before you accept it as a fact. In order words, your quest for knowledge or research is often to confirm what you already know and not to discover an unknown.

The world had always made progress and is still making progress because few individuals had and are still setting for themselves, the hard task of stepping out of their comfort zones, to reveal secrets to meaningful living. They succeeded and are still succeeding in their search because they never accepted the slavery of confirmation bias.

Now, you have the chance to solve just one problem on behalf of the world. And you can do it but first you must free yourself of confirmation bias.

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