Being Prepared Always Is Timing It Right.

Sometimes you can’t wait for the time it’s going to happen. At other times, it happens on you suddenly, taking you by surprise. So be prepared always.

Be prepared always because most times, you would be unable to tell when it’s going to happen. To take advantage of uncontrollable events, put yourself where it’s couldn’t possibly happen without you being there. How do you achieve this feat? By being visible always.

Being prepared always is effective when you are always visible. Effective visibility is created through consistent self-promotion. Promote what you do at every stage of your self-development. As people become aware of what you are doing and it’s value to life, you would naturally want to stay relevant. To stay relevant, you must keep on working on yourself to get better and better.

Therefore, when an uncontrollable event happens and meets you in a state of preparedness, it’s the right time for you to make a memorable statement.

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