Divorce: I Have Been Married To A Stranger.

Have you ever felt like you have been married to a complete stranger all these years? And that you have had enough and want a divorce?

Who hasn’t? Many have been married for years and woke one beautiful morning to see a complete stranger lying in their bed in their home. That same stranger has stayed by your side and has ascended hills of life and descended into valleys of life with you. Now the strangeness and the incompatibility are overwhelming and so you need a divorce?

Yes, you have been married to a stranger from a different family with a different orientation or outlook on life. Sometimes you spouse may come from a ‘strange’ culture but you fell in love with the strangeness for the sake of love. Now that you are considering a divorce, where has that love gone to?

Finally, you must realize that every married person is living with a stranger. And those who are not seeking a divorce from their strangers have made great friends of their strangers.

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