5 Criteria For An Effective Delegation Of Authority.

You must know that every good leader is a master of the act of delegation of authority. They put the best professionals where they are most suitable to perfectly interpret and implement a company’s policy in order to achieve set goals.

You must also understand that every good leader breaks down major goals into fractions which are shared among professionals on an unbiased basis. Finding professionals who could function effectively in positions of authority could be tricky.

How do great leaders identify the best candidate for a particular role? Before undertaking the task of delegating authority, a perfect job design must be put in place.

A perfect job design that spells out result oriented job functions and responsibilities is the foundation for an effective delegation of authority. With a perfect job design, a leader knows what qualifications and experience to look for in a candidate for a particular position of authority.

Apart from having required qualifications, the candidate must demonstrate an acceptable minimum level of leadership capability. Therefore, in selecting a candidate for a position of delegated authority, you as a leader must look for a candidate who:

1. Is a team player that can inspire other staff and get them to support the company’s policy and vision,

2. Is a good listener that hears from the staff and makes quality contributions that define and shape management decisions that drive the company toward success and at the same time, address fears and concerns of workers,

3. Is a top class brand ambassador capable and always ready to defend the brand within and before everybody doing or intending to do business with the company,

4. Is a professional that sees the personal sacrifice of time and comfort for the progress of the company as no big deal,

5. Is ready to stay with the company for at least 5 years. Five years should be enough for a company, startup or not, to achieve maturity and stability.

So, when you are picking professionals to fill positions of delegated authority, keep in mind, the five criteria listed above.

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