This Is Why Most Marriages Crash.

Disrespect and lack of understanding are at the root of most marriage or relationship crashes.

You will not agree with your partner on every view or opinion and dream or aspiration but you must respect such differences for the sake of the marriage or relationship. Show understanding because although you have agreed to work together to build one happy home, there would be differences in few tastes and preferences.

Show understanding and have respect for your partner’s dream that is parallel to yours. It is when that dream that’s different from yours is fulfilled, that your partner would find happiness. This happiness would be enlarged into an umbrella of comfort that covers both of you.

On the other hand, showing a lack of respect for what your partner strongly believes in, is a recipe for disharmony in marriage. However, this is not to say that you should make an input that could either weaken or strengthen an already made commitment. In having your say, place your partner’s interest above every other consideration.

People come together to start a relationship that guarantees and protects their mutual interests. But when there is a reason for any disagreement, respect and understanding must take over for the survival of the marriage or relationship.

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