Office Politics: 5 Ways You Can Survive It?

When you are outstanding at your work, there is 80% probability that you are going to be a victim of office politics. When you become a victim of  office politics, how do you survive it?

Again, you are probably aware that human beings naturally identify with groups and teams.
At the workplace, you are most likely going to fulfill your job role officially, as a member of a team and unofficially, as a member of a group. Others are going to be in other teams and groups too, thereby creating, a fertile ground for office politics to blossom. It is a  must for you to survive workplace politics in order succeed and rise to the top.

So, how do you survive workplace politics?

  1. Let everyone know that you belong to everyone. Make it clear to everyone that you are there  to perform your assigned job responsibilities and to assist anybody who needs your help where you can, perform theirs.

2. Keep secrets. Do you have a listening ear? If you do, then you would become a confidant to many people in your office. People love to share their problems with anyone patient enough to listen to them and maybe offer a word of advice or suggestion(this is optional). So, when people share their secrets with you, keep them secret. if you don’t, you may hurt one or two persons and possibly, consequently, become a victim of office politics

3. Avoid gossip. Try to avoid listening to gossip but if you can’t avoid being where others are being discussed, then don’t make any contributions. People may forget what was said by others but they may not forget what you said. And what you said or did not say but which many people claim you said, may get you in the middle of an ugly office politics.

4. Speak your mind through the official communication channels. Rather than get into office gossip that may throw you into the murky water of office politics, you can offer your suggestions or thoughts through the company’s official communication channels.

5. Keep records of all jobs assigned and completed. Keeping records of every job related activity could one day help you avoid  being a victim of office politics. Details from records kept may offer the  trail for management to track what you did and what others did at the period under review.



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