What If You Were The Only Capable One Left?

There is a problem out there waiting to be solved,

nobody is really moving on, because the problem has become a big brick wall,

keeping everybody from moving on

but life is still going on,

life doesn’t look back, very soon we will be history,

no longer physically here but occasional memories,

now that we are still  here, it is still our turn,

maybe this is your call, are you going to take it and be the one?

are you ready to let go of all fears created by our progenitors to create the best?

wait, hold on, what if you were the only capable  one left?

would you let the world down and yourself too?

so, why don’t you step out there and do what you were born to do?

hello!  I want you to know this truth;

we are all in this together, so we are all with you.

ayietim 2.jpg

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