Should You Play The Fool In Marriage?

The piercing needle that pricks and draws blood in marriage often finds fertile ground in breakdown of communication. When the couple stop talking to one another, they start building a huge wall of separation between them. If one of them doesn’t become the fool that seeks peace and the wall is completed, then the couple should begin to park their bags. So, is it wrong to be the fool that seeks to restore communication, the life support of every healthy marriage?

No, it is not wrong. For the sake of tove that first brought both of you together, it is not wrong to be that fool between two rather wise people. It is never wrong and never too late to breathe life into a dying union just by doing the right thing that most may believe is wrong. It is never late to save your HOME from collapse.

So, be the fool that initiates peace moves and become the wise one that builds a home on the rock. There is always a positive reward for this kind of fool. Don’t you agree?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sc says:

    All said here is true play the fool to save ur marriage or relationship.


    1. Ayi Etim says:

      Yes. Play the fool to save what you cherish.


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