Do You Want To Be A Leader?

Do you want to be a leader? Wait a second, are you serious? Do you want to throw away your privacy and your liberty and live your life at the convenience of others who may not even give a hoot about who you are? Well, someone must do the job and if that someone must be you then you must understand;

1. That leadership is about being sensitive to what majority of followers need, want or desire at a particular time,

2. That the provision of what they need, want or desire may not be appropriate as at when they say it must be made available,

3. That even when you as the leader don’t give what is being desired by your followers, you must still maintain the balance by giving them what would keep them comfortable until what is desired is made available,

4. That you will not be able to stop the critics from saying their mind even when it’s not a fact and even when it may cause disharmony among your followers. Your job at such a critical time when critics are trying to discredit you would be to focus on long term goals that when achieved, would make you a legend,

5. That as a leader, you must have enemies. And that your worst enemies could be your friends.

So, do you still want to be leader.

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