How Fear, Belief And Knowledge Stop Progress.

Are you placing limitations on your efforts to make progress?

Are you placing the limitation of fear on beginning and staying committed to the pursuit of a dream until it becomes a reality?

Are you placing the limitation of belief on the openness to learn new ways that may work and drop ways that are not working?

Is your wealth of knowledge the limitation that is keeping you held up in the backwaters of retrogression? If the acquisition of a higher level of knowledge is the only barrier between you and your greatness, why don’t you begin to learn and learn and learn. Learn new things and apply them to daily living. It’s fun and exciting and, the reward is growth.

If it’s fear, then take those actions you are so afraid to take. When you don’t, it’s 100% certain that you will not make progress but when you do take those actions, you split the chances into two halves of certainty and uncertainty of making progress.

If it’s belief, deal with it by making necessary changes to see what happens after. Life is dynamic and trendy, so you must bend, twist and turn here and there in order to make progress.

Now, you must understand that it is within your abilities to smoothen your path to progress by removing all limitations. So, can you use those abilites now and rise to GREATNESS.

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