Are You A Workaholic? 9 Reasons It May Be Bad For You.

How do you chase those big dreams and achieve them without working really hard and loving every minute? Is this bad for you?

Matt Arnerich of personal branding blog, gives below, 9 Reasons Why Being a
Workaholic is Bad
For Your Career

Being first in and last
out is a good thing
right? It gets you
noticed and gives you
the time to really push
forward in your career
as well as being
identified as a hard
As it turns out, being a workaholic may be
harming your career
more than you think.
Being a workaholic can often lead to ill health, increased time off and most importantly a
worse performance
while you are at work.

Being a workaholic
means that you value
work over other
activities and constantly give it
number one priority; it can often mean the
difference between
being engaged and
being addicted to the
work environment. As
a result you can find
yourself less prepared
for the next day, both
literally in terms of the decreased recovery time between working
days, but also mentally as you don’t give yourself the
opportunity to truly
switch off.

Workplaces that offer
reward to the hardest
workers and not to the most productive do exist, but if you focus on having a more realistic attitude to work you can actually
achieve more and
improve your career

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