Success Has A Character.

Can you really focus on achieving a goal, without building a character that gives you the self-discipline to stay committed to a daily routine of carrying out planned activities? It is highly unlikely.

In the words of Bo Bennett – “The discipline you
learn and character
you build from
setting and achieving
a goal can be more
valuable than the
achievement of the
goal itself.”

There is a character that preceeds a successful achievement of a goal. This character is built consciously with attention to some qualities while some are avoided completely.

Leadership expert
John Maxwell noted:

1. Talented people
are sometimes
tempted to take
shortcuts. Character
prevents that.

2. Talented people
may feel superior and
expect special privileges. Character helps them know

3. Talented people
are praised for
what others see
them build. Character builds what’s inside

4. Talented people
have the potential to be difference
makers. Character makes the difference in them.

5. Talented people
are a gift to the
world. Character
protects that

Finally, understand this: “Success has a character”.

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