7 Powerful Inspirational Quotes: Life Is Simple.

Life is simple…

1. Life is good when it’s all going well but it’s unfair when it’s hell,

2. Life could be pleasant if you understood that not every want is a need and that needs are satisfied in turns,

3. The problems of life would eat you up if you are soft but would spit you out if you are tough,

4. At the beginning of something new, life throws obstacles on your path and at the same time, hands you the bridge of wisdom and understanding to walk on and cross those obstacles,

5. Life makes you uncomfortable because it wants you to continue the search for comfort. It is the search that keeps you on the path of continuous learning and growth,

6. Life sometimes gives you a hard nut to crack and at the same time, gives you the pressure of persistence that breaks down every opposition,

7. Life presents the shortcut to ephemeral satisfaction and at the same time, the long winding way of hard work to a lasting satisfaction. The choice is yours.

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